The first meeting of the Christian Church was held in a log school house on Fifteen Mile, which is now the Carleton Ranch. Later, the location was changed to the Walker school, where the city park is now. This building burned in the late 1850’s or the early 60’s and was rebuilt in Pine Hollow. The early-day preachers held services in this building and the Bolton schoolhouse, which was located on the Absolom farm at Boyd. Baptismal services were performed in Fifteen Mile Creek.


On July 2nd, 1862 Dufur Christian Church (then a part of Disciples of Christ) organized into a Christian congregation for Divine worship, mutual edification, and to attend to the Ordinances and Institutions of the House of the Lord: Pledging themselves to be governed by the Word of the Lord as their only rule of Faith and Practice.


On July 12, 1891 Dufur Christian Church was officially organized. The church met in the United Brethren Building until May of 1905 when the building was started on Fourth and Harrison St. This is the same lot that the current building now stands.


The current facility was started on May 12, 1963 under the direction of Harry Atkins.